Friday, September 23, 2011

Channel 4

My mother always taught me when you go out with no makeup on, hair undone, in a nasty outfit, looking your grossest...that is when you will run into someone from the past, someone you like, someone you would never want seeing you at your worst.

Well, how about all of Utah?

Lesson learned: Mom is always right.
(But I think I already knew that.)

But hey, it's kind of cool to be on the news. So I'll take the embarrassment for a funny video to have forever.

Here is just a small clip:

You can see the whole thing here!
Technology a Gateway to Infidelity

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

This Says it All

Being at my internship from 9-3 and then going to class from 4-7:15 everyday makes me feel like this...
How about here?...
Or here?...
Or here?...
Or maybe even here...

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I took this picture at work after the 3rd person asked if I change my nails everyday to match my outfit. 
No, I certainly don't. 
I just LOVE seafoam green and happened to be wearing it pretty much everywhere yesterday. Ooops.
Josh groans every time we are shopping and I pick up something this color. Apparently, I don't need anymore.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Catch Up Part II

The second part of our summer included our 17 day vacation to California! We were all over the place! We went everywhere from Newport to Valencia, Hollywood to Malibu, Temecula to Santa Monica, Camarillo to Anaheim.
 It was the best trip ever!
 This 50-something year old was fully enjoying her beach day. Yuck!
 S'more making at the resort!
Oh Josh.
And more beach :)
Sorry fam, I had to hop over to USC to be accepted in the Baker family!
But shhhh, I still like UCLA too!
 I love my sexy surfer!
 Does this picture look familiar?
Josh and I took a picture just like this one in the exact same spot exactly one year was the first week we had met and started dating :)
Time flies!
These darling little skim boys were out for hours and hours and hours.
They were adooooorable!
 Creepy rickety random beach chair.
 Oh don't worry, this is a man.
 Just in case you didn't get a good enough look.
We also hung out a lot with Matt, Brynn, McKenna, and Noah!
They are such a cute little family! Love them!
 We also have this same picture in this same spot in Huntington from one year earlier!
 Had to do it for the memories.
 Third Street Santa Monica.
Josh and his Dad, Kirk, had a State Farm convention in Hollywood right on Universal City Walk at the Hyatt. Kirk was nice enough to invite me down with little Austin for the last day and then let Josh and I have the room to stay together on the last night and enjoy a yummy breakfast Sunday morning!
 Cute boys.
I love Reggie!
Shopping at the Valencia mall! 
We also made our way to Disneyland for a day!
Josh about to get on Indiana Jones!
 I cannot go on Splash Mountain without getting drenched!
And it's apparent by this picture that it's not my favorite ride.
But I love Tower of Terror!
Hanging out poolside in Temecula!
Me, Brookie, and her grills.
Oh Duke.
 I love my boys!
Mom, Dad, Josh and I at breakfast at South Coast Winery.
Banana pancakes...yum!

Our summer could not have been better! It makes it a little hard to go back to school and work, but at least we can look back with fond memories on summer 2011!