Thursday, June 12, 2014

CA Coastin'

After Josh and I got back from Hawaii, we went on an RV trip up the CA coast with my family 
(in one last desperate attempt to convince them to stay put and not move to Idaho ;) 
We had the BEST time. First stop on Day One was El Morro Bay for some sight-seeing and sleep. The next day we headed to San Simeon to visit Hearst Castle. 

Bus ride up the long road to Hearst Castle.

The entire trip, there were so many friendly squirrels EVERYwhere. Especially on the beautiful, scenic 17-mile drive in Carmel.
We were in rodent heaven (well, everyone except Mom).

And there were some other friends too.

Captain Josh was the best driver. He manned the ship the entire trip. There were some real hairy situations along the coast cliffs, but he handled it all like the stud he is.

Because the RV is SO long, a lot of the camp sites we had planned to stay at could not accommodate us. So we had to improvise a couple of the nights and find somewhere sneaky to park/sleep.

Made it to beautiful Big Sur!

McWay Falls.

Santa Cruz.

On our way back down the coast, we had to hit the sweetest little town of Solvang.

We will always look back with fond memories on this amazing little weekend adventure!