Sunday, October 30, 2011


This fall has been a very fun fall indeed. Josh & I are pretty sad about preparing to leave Utah...and never thought we would hear ourselves saying that! So we have decided to take full advantage of our last few months in this beautiful state!


We've even been going to school together every once in awhile.

Tiff's bridal shower!

Thriller in SLC.

Spooky scary haunted house in SLC.

And on the 26th, we celebrated my love's 24th birthday!

I just love this picture of Josh and Mercedes...They are getting along!
A rare occasion.

I, on the other hand, adore her and always get along with the kittens.

Josh & I threw a little Halloween party at our place! 
We invited our closest friends and had a great time.

My Edward.
Isn't he perfect?
 Bella & Edward.

 Mike & Maleah: Ellen Degeneres & Portia de Rossi

Jeff & Christa: Katy Perry & Russel Brand

Dillon & Sara

Nate & Tayler

I wish I had gotten everyone else's costumes, because all who came looked amazing! Some of those others who joined us included: Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries, Khloe & Lamar Odom, A pair of nerds, An 80s guy & a greek goddess, and an Indian & an eskimo...go figure! 
It was a great night and we are grateful to all who came!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Can't Stay Put

Sometimes it's just so great to get away. Because of all the things Josh & I have going on right now, it's hard to go anywhere. But we've been able to squeeze in a couple fun trips here and there. A few weeks ago, I was able to sneak away to Mesa to visit my sister and brother-in-law and their 3 adorable kids. It was so much fun!

So Arizona. Find my friend...he's a magician.

Addi. Talk about a little girl full of personality...she cracks everyone up.
Example: After I left Mesa, Addi was extremely sad. Kelly told me she talks about me all the time. She took Addi to a doctors' appointment several days after I had gone back to Utah, and upon the doctor entering the room she asked him, "Do you like my curls? And do you know Caitlin?" HAHA.

Alyssa. This little girl is the absolutest sweetest child you will ever meet. She is always so concerned about others and always wants to make everyone feel equal. If she thinks you are sad about something, she will talk in this chirpy, cheery voice until she makes sure you are happy and smiling.

Ben. He is just far too cute! All he says right now is "Mama," "Dada," "Wawa," and "Ggguh" when he wants your attention or wants you to look at something. It's too cute. He has the most sparkly eyes ever, I call them. They always look glistening and they are huge!

My fun-filled few days in Arizona were full of soccer games, Steve's "Congratulations" party for being completely done with med school, internship, and residency...he is a real doctor now!...good food, memory-making with my nieces including a "spa" day complete with makeup, hair, and nails, quality time with big sister, movies, spin class, house hunting, etc etc etc!

I just loved this house that was over by the girls' school. It is one of my favorite style homes, complete with wrap-around-porch and all. Too pretty!

Addi before her soccer game. I love the shorts that are more like pants on her little body.

Me, Lyss, and Binkie Ben

At Steve's party, which was at his parents house, the family dog was locked in the laundry room to keep her away from the guests. I heard her scratching away at the door, and my animal lover side kicked in. I just had to spend some time in the laundry room with her keeping her company. She's to die for!

 Cute Kelly teaching singing time in Primary! She always has the cutest ideas and is so creative. She does a children's "Primary Hospital" theme, where she puts songs in the "waiting room" and as the kids perfect them, she moves them from the "operating room" to being "released." She even put on Steve's scrubs over her outfit. Too cute.

Keeping an eye on Ben while Kelly teaches.

Addi showing me her tumbling skills.

 Cute Lyss after I curled her hair and did her makeup.

Addi showing her straightened locks. 
She loved when I flat-ironed her oh-so-curly hair!

The lovely AZ weather.

Saw this at the airport and thought it was appropriate for me. I wanted to buy it so bad! Knew it would give Josh a good laugh.

I had so much fun with the Nelson family. They are amazing in every way. Thanks guys for having me! Can't wait to come back again soon!

Next stop was Las Vegas. Josh's dad Kirk had a State Farm convention at The Paris, and Manny & Diane Viadero (fellow agents and friends) invited Josh & I to use their extra room! It was so sweet of them.

The weekend was filled with tons of Baker fun.
 Don Henley, the lead singer of The Eagles, gave State Farm a private performance at UNLV.
 It was amazing!

 Eating in "Paris" :)
 Went to see the Blue Man Group! They are hilarious.
 Always a great time in Vegas!

 And back in Utah, we've still been managing to having some fun. We had our first snow on October 4. I couldn't have been happier! Love a snow-covered car. (I may be the only one.)
We also celebrated beautiful Tiff's birthday. 
Yummy Happy Sumo in Salt Lake!

 And Josh & I were invited to Vivint's black tie affair at Salt Lake's Country Club. We had fun drinking endless Italian sodas, playing poker, watching comedy and music shows, and dancing the night away!

 Next stop will be L.A for Tiff and Jared's wedding in November! Can't wait!