Monday, August 6, 2012

Summer Has Wings

I honestly can't believe that it is already August.  Summer is FLYING.  But it's been an amazing summer so far, and we have been having tons of fun.  Every day holds something new.

First time back inside the SD castle since the big day.  It brought back so many memories of 3.26.11 to walk through the doors...And also of my childhood going there monthly with Young Women's and thinking about how one day I'd bring my future man there and marry him :)

A little boat time with the Spikers/Alvords.  Josh #1 manning the boat, Josh #2 manning the flag.
 Getting pitted, so pitted.

It is so sad to know that my little babies are so far away in Pennsylvania!  I love getting picture updates and FaceTiming those little bugs.

 Batman w/ the Fam.

Brooke's big dance performance with Temecula Dance Company!
Sisters getting the big star prepped...
Brookie and proud Daddy.

Even my job is fun!  Working 9-6 thru the summer isn't so bad when you work with these fun people (including my husband).