Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy {Sad} Days

Since moving back to California, life has a had a whole new air about it.  We have been enjoying every second of this next chapter in our lives together and have had a lot of fun & excitement... Mixed with some of the worst sadness and pain I have ever experienced.  But why start with the negatives!  Here's what we've been up to...

Sold My Car
This was Josh and my first experience with selling/buying a car...and what an experience it was!  We sure learned a lot (including that we don't want to sell a car again for a long time).  So I said a bitter-sweet goodbye to my adorable, fun 2-door Type-S race car and hello to a smoother ride.

Enjoyed Family Time
Josh and I went down to Temecula last weekend because Kelly and Steve came down from Mesa.  I love when they come to visit, and considering they are moving to Pennsylvania in June for a year, this trip was extra special.  Steve had a Dermatology Convention in San Diego, so they decided to make a vacation out of it.

Celebrating Papa's 82nd (thanks for correcting me Mom!) birthday with his grandkids and great-grandkids.

Bought Disneyland Passes!
So tough... and twins?

 Going into It's A Bug's Life 3D!
 Under the Sea!
 Space Mountain!
 Exhausted little ones fell asleep on the restaurant benches.

Overall, we have been having a lot of fun since moving back from Utah.  But one of the repercussions of moving was having to force our normally-indoor cats to adapt to being outside cats.  For the first two months, we had no issues.  But as of two Mondays ago, my little Merk has been missing.  I have finally accepted that I probably won't see her again in this life, but it has been the hardest thing I have had to deal with in a long time.

This month would have been her second birthday.  She was such a little baby!  2 years with her was not nearly enough.  I miss her everyday and keep praying maybe one day she will show up at our door.  But if not, Merk made me very happy while she was with us and I will love and miss her always.