Saturday, April 27, 2013

East Coast Trip

When Kelly asked if I'd come out to Pennsylvania again in April, I didn't hesitate to say yes!  And this time I brought Joshy with me.  We turned it into a whole back-east trip, spending time in Pennsylvania, Palmyra, and New York City!

Scrumptious baby feet with teeny pedicured toes
Baby Paige is such a dream.
Some of my favorite little nuggets in this whole world!
Paige & Uncle Josh
Love a sleeping child on my lap

Sweet little Alyssa is preparing to be baptized on April 28...  We are so excited for her!  We just wish more than anything that we could be there!
 Out to an amazing pizza lunch!
I love how little kids always stop to notice the flowers.
"Yes, it does!"

After spending several days in PA, Josh & I made a day trip to Palmyra.
Books of Mormon in every language!
The Hill Cumorah!
The Smith family's log home in Palmyra
Inside the Smith family home
Standing in the same air space where the Angel Moroni visited Joseph Smith!
The Sacred Grove
The Book of Mormon publishing sight
Palmyra Visitors' Center at the Hill Cumorah

After going back to PA for a couple more days, we made our way to NYC!
Top of the Empire State
Took the ferry to Staten Island and passed Her Greatness.
The Boat House in Central Park
Front row at Wicked!
Long story short, at the last second we threw our names into a "Wicked" lottery we happened upon...and won.

It's bittersweet that Steve's work in PA is done in June...
We are sad we won't have an excuse to go back east so often, but we are happy to have them back in the west in less than two months!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Two Year Anniversary

Looking back, I cannot believe we have been married for TWO years already.
What an amazing two years it's been.

Dinner at Duke's Malibu

Beautiful sunset at dinner!
Spent the day at The Grove in LA with Rupert!

Random things I love about my husband:
His sense of humor
His conservativeness (we click SO well on that level)
His darling dimples
His forgiving nature
His amazing work ethic
His adventurousness
His desire to always make me happy and spoil me rotten
His devotion & complete loyalty
The list could go on forever...